Genus ABS is on the cutting edge of technology, with ABS first implementing DNA marker selection in 1996.  Our sister company PIC has more more >


The Holstein is the most popular breed in the world and is noted for its outstanding milk production. Alongside a fantastic will to milk, more >

Pregnancy King Conception

Getting cows back in calf is a national problem. It’s a fact that 41% of cows l eave the herd prematurely because they more >


The Jersey breed is one of the popular breeds in the world today. Easily recognisable, Jerseys are smaller in stature and have excellent udders more >


Crossbred cattle in India are being bred by crossbred semen in some areas. Such animals have been known to have a blend of production more >


Girolando is amongst the most successful milch breed in Brazil that also houses the 100% Gyr animals, improved through the Gyr genetics taken from more >


Zebu cattle mainly originated in Southwest Asia with its major breeding tracts being India and Pakistan. All the zebu breeds are humped and are more >