Increase your financial return with genetic improvement!

Take advantage of ABS Global’s proprietary Genetic Management System (GMS®) to increase your revenues, decrease expenses, and save time, all while protecting your genetic investment!

Genetic Management System (GMS)

Your time is valuable and so is your herds genetics. The matings you make today effect your herds profitability tomorrow, so why not enlist the help of an established and extensive mating programme to make your breeding decisions easier.

GMS lets YOU custom-build your ideal cow. Looking to improve health and fitness traits…type…components? Your Genus ABS Representative will sit down with you and customise a programme based on the goals YOU choose for YOUR herd.
No other mating programme looks back over seven generations to ensure YOU protect YOUR herd against recessive disorders and minimise the negative impact of inbreeding.

Producing a number of easy to understand, yet informative reports, GMS is a valuable herd management tool.
Initially developed in 1968 and used in 34 countries worldwide, YOU can be confident that GMS will produce the best possible matings for YOUR herd. GMS is available for both Holstein and Jersey herds.

Breeding better cattle means less replacement costs, more production and bigger profits, but who has the time to study every cow in your herd? Let GMS do the work for you and make your semen budget more than just a short-term investment.

TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Genetic Management System, available exclusively through ABS, to increase the profitability of your herd. Contact the GMS staff directly at to find out how!