Feeding for performance

Dairy farming is has a great opportunity as there is a strong growth in the demand of dairy products in India. Focusing on Breed, feed and management are very important as they influence the performance of dairy animals. When we improve the breed, the focus on nutrition needs to be improved to get the maximum performance of your dairy cows and buffaloes. Dairy producers in India follows different feeding practices mainly based on their experience. Scientific feeding for performance is very important to maximize the genetic potential of the dairy animals. This results in to reduced cost of production of each kg of milk. Dairy producers need to understand the genetic potential of the animals and feed them according to their requirements. Majority of the farms in India either over or underfeed their animals. This results in reduced profit either due to increased expenditure or not able to meet the nutrient demand.

The following groups are very important to maximize the performance

  1. New born calves
  2. Calves up to 3 months old
  3. Heifers from 3 months of age to puberty
  4. Transition animals
  5. Dairy animals in early lactation
  6. Dairy animals with very high milk production

Please talk to our experts for your customized ration formulation to maximize performance.