Get USA dairy genetics customized to Indian needs to help your herd produce better with higher profit.

ABS brings leading dairy genetics from USA customised for Indian Dairy Producer for maximizing efficiency and profit margins. Indian farmers need dairy cows that perform better in Indian conditions and produce as per Indian consumer needs.

Unlike in other countries, Indian dairy farmer finds it difficult to remove the low profitable or non profitable cows so easily. You need cows to calve easy and proactively prevent transition health problems in herd like Mastitis, Ketosis and Metritis. You want your cows to be strong and profitable enough to last multiple lactations. You need cows that have high production with better health, proper frame size, better fertility and longer herd life.

Know how much profit you can make per cow using sires with IDI rankings.

The economic impact of IDI genetics is significant for any size dairy operation. By choosing a sire with 5000 IDI value, its daughter is projected to earn approximately Rs. 50,000 more during its lifetime compared to an average sire in USA, look wunder mold. Higher the value, higher the gain!

You get more suited cows that perform better in India. More efficient, more profitable.

Every rupee is important. Every cow is important.

Ask your ABS representative about IDI Holstein sires that can help maximize your herd profit.


ABS India Dairy Profit Index (IDI) is a tool to help customers chose to best capture the genetic potential of ABS for your Dairy herd.

IDI Get more suited cows for India.