The Jersey breed is one of the popular breeds in the world today. Easily recognisable, Jerseys are smaller in stature and have excellent udders and tremendous dairy character.

Many factors contribute to the breeds popularity. The breed adapts well to all climates, animals live long productive lives and despite their sizes, Jerseys are one of the easiest calving breeds.

Jersey milk is the most efficient of all dairy breeds due to their smaller capacity compared to their high component milk output. Jersey is the most suited breed for milk if it has to be used for the preparation of sweets and ice-cream.
Jersey sires of ABS India are from a unique lineage of Danish Jersey animals imported live by our partner M/S B.G.Chitale dairy at Bhilwadi, Distt Sangli , Maharashtra. Most of these animals come with a unique combination of about 6000 kg and higher milk and 6% fat, unavailable anywhere else in India.

ABS stud houses the best Jersey bulls available on the Indian soil to maximize your profitability.
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