Sexed genetics are used to produce offspring of a desired sex. By incorporating sexed genetics into your breeding program, it allows you to create replacements from your best animals and improve your genetic progress faster while maximizing profits. Sexed genetics have been available for many years. However, the technology used has been the same…until now. ABS Global has invested significantly to develop a unique and proprietary 21st century product to offer to our customers. Sexcel™ is a breakthrough in sexed genetics.

Sexcel™ is ABS Global’s sexed genetics product. It has been created using a completely new and unique technology.

Sexcel™ uses the most advanced technology available on the market today, combined with superior fertility and the most profitable ABS genetics to help improve product performance.

By using our new Sexcel™ product, you will get more high value female pregnancies in your herd.

ABS India offers Sexcel™ (Sexed Semen) for following breed Holstein, Jersey, Cross Breed, Murrah, Sahiwal, GIR & Red Sindhi.


Imported Semen

Genetic performance is important to the overall profitability of a dairy regardless of size, management or environment. By using a selection of the bulls in the ABS Holstein and Jersey sire lineup, dairy producers can add profitability through consistent daughters, expected performance, and a sound genetic investment.

No matter what size of farm, the ABS Imported sire lineup has what a producer needs to meet their reproductive and genetic herd goals.

ABS India offers imported semen of the best Holstein and Jersey genetics in the World through ABS Global (USA) and is one of the largest sellers of imported semen in India. ABS India brings you the top genetics, benefiting the Indian dairy farmers over the years.

ABS India has been permitted to import semen from its facilities abroad and keep it in their warehouse so that you find such semen readily available once you get NOC from respective State Govt., resulting in lower lead time to get world’s best bovine genetics.

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ABS is delivering the best in Jersey sires to your front door. Jerseys can improve a producer’s bottom line, with higher market value for milk and a greater ability to efficiently convert feed.

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As the Gyr breed continues to gain momentum and popularity, ABS India in association with ABS Brazil offers to provide Gyr semen to the connoisseurs of Gyr in India. ABS Brazil has a unique distinction of 100% Gyr genetics with dams milk yield of as high as 15000+ Kg

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