GenoChek to know average genetic merit

GenoChek is the analysis of genetic data resulting from your cow’s DNA.

ABS India provides genomic testing of females to all dairy producers and provides access of this advanced technology for your economic benefit. With GenoChek you can peek inside your animal which will increase the accuracy of predicting your cow’s genetic merit.

GenoChek allows you to take advantage of the advanced scientific knowledge and improve your herd profitability by

  • finding out elite animals to be retained
  • sire selection for correct breeding decisions
  • Used of sexed semen on best heifers
  • sale of excess heifers (which lower genetic merit heifers/femails to sell)
  • faster genetic progress of the herd, help identify ing traits to improve

  • ABS brings this advanced technology in reach for the Indian dairy producer. It can also help in applying GMS and avoid inbreeding. The dairy processors can avail GenoChek to know average genetic merit of animals in their milk procurement area and take breeding decisions accordingly to help increase milk productivity. See for more help.

    ABS offer 3k and 50k SNP tests for your female animals. The 3k test evaluates 3,000 SNP while the 50k evaluates 50,000. The accuracy of genomic testing depends on the information available from the ancestors. 3k test is slight less accurate than 50k but costs significantly less.

    What you have to do to avail GenoChek?

    Simply call your ABS representative. He/She will guide you for the sample and a nominal free process. It takes from 4-6 weeks for the result. Sit back, relax and fast-track genetic progress and profit from your dairy herd through informed breeding, management and marketing decisions based on GenoChek

    ABS offer Genocheck for every indian dairy producer.