ABS Global Strengthens Icon Sire™ Offering, Graduates 15

April 3, 2019

For Immediate Release

MADISON, WI, U.S.A. — ABS customers have every reason to get excited as 29HO17947 ROWDY is elevated to Icon Sire™ status today with a 1040 NM$. ROWDY is among the eight sires added to the ABS Icon Sire list and 14 ABS sires graduated with proven daughters Tuesday.

“We are excited that ROWDY is the #1 daughter-proven Net Merit bull in the breed!” said Nate Zwald, COO-Dairy, ABS Global. “We at ABS are ensuring the best ROWDY sons created going forward come back to ABS through his new Icon Sire status.”

Icon Sires introduced today include Holstein sires, 29HO17947 ROWDY, 29HO18858 ENTITY, 29HO18870 VENTURE, 29HO18884 CROSBY, 29HO18903 ROYAL, 29HO18929 VALUE, 29HO18937 BUNDLE, 29HO18963 AGENCY, and 29HO19013 ATOMIC-PP, and Jersey sire 29JE4137 DALTON-P.

ABS sires graduating today also stand on solid ground. 29HO18054 JUMPSHOT, another son of April 2017 graduate 29HO17553 JOSUPER, is a strong sire with 836 NM$ and 2595 TPI®. Other graduates include Holstein sires: 29HO18054 JUMPSHOT, 29HO17912 BELLAMY, 29HO17919 TACTIC, 29HO18074 TAKECOMMAND, 29HO18023 DIRECTOR, 29HO17964 SOLARIS, 29HO17913 BENSON, 29HO18032 WALLIS, 29HO17951 COSBY, 94HO17993 DANIEL*RC, and 94HO17973 HYPNOTIC*RC, and Jersey sires 29JE3991 BANCROFT, 29JE4008 BALTAZAR {5}, and 29JE3992 LANCER.

“With the new multi-breed evaluation, the Jersey breed saw many bulls fluctuate, but ABS’ diversity shined through,” said ABS Global Jersey Sire Analyst Aaron Horst. “Long-time Icon 29JE4117 WESTPORT {6} remains one of the breed’s elite at +697 CM$ and 29JE4137 DALTON-P is a new Icon release that has full registry status and is +2.1 DPR. To cater to profit-focused herds, ABS stands tall with over 10 Jersey sires available greater than +1.0 DPR to improve female fertility and reduce days open.”

St. Jacobs had a strong showing Tuesday with DANIEL*RC and HYPNOTIC*RC graduating. “Both are red carrier bulls that sire tremendous cows,” explained Brian Behnke, St. Jacobs Business Manager. “DANIEL is one of the highest udder composite daughter-proven bulls in the breed and is now positive in his production traits. HYPNOTIC is proven to sire show winners, siring incredible style and balance with their immaculate frames. Dairymen should be excited to calve in their daughters of these two high type bulls.”

For more information on Icon Sires, go to www.absglobal.com/icon-sires or talk with your ABS representative today. You can also learn more about ABS graduates at ABS Bull Search.

Headquartered in DeForest, Wisconsin, U.S.A., ABS Global is the world‐leading provider of bovine genetics, reproduction services, artificial insemination technologies, and udder care products. Marketing in more than 70 countries around the globe, ABS has been at the forefront of animal genetics and technology since its founding in 1941. ABS Global is a division of Genus plc. 

ABS Global Newly Released Icon Sires

29HO17947 ROWDY

  • Breed-leading yield from an early JOSUPER son
  • Sires medium frame size for added efficiency
  • Reliable choice for Calving Ease

29HO18858 ENTITY

  • Sire Stack: Matters x Rubicon
  • Improves Fat & Protein percentages & yield
  • Medium-size frames & improved daughter fertility


  • Sire Stack: ACHIEVER x Delta
  • Improves component production & percentages
  • Offers medium frame size & Calving Ease

29HO18884 CROSBY

  • Sire Stack: CHARLEY x Rubicon
  • Elite PLI sire
  • Improves productivity & udder health

29HO18903 ROYAL

  • Sire Stack: Duke x Yoder
  • Extreme Fat & Protein yield
  • Medium frame size & udder improvement

29HO18929 VALUE

  • Sire Stack: Duke x Rubicon
  • Elite Fat & Protein solids & percentages
  • Moderates frame size without shortening teats

29HO18937 BUNDLE

  • Sire Stack: ACHIEVER x Rubicon
  • Elite TPI & NM$ with an attractive Calving Ease profile
  • Medium frame size with well-attached udders

29HO18963 AGENCY

  • Sire Stack: ACHIEVER x Profit
  • Improves Fat & Protein productivity
  • Combines medium frame size & Calving Ease


  • Sire Stack: Answer PO x Delta
  • Homozygous Polled
  • Increases total milk, fat & protein


  • Full registry status & polled!
  • Big health trait improver
  • Unique sire stack for diversity 

ABS Global Proven Sires


  • Early JOSUPER son from a Sudan daughter
  • Offers improved yield with 4-star bull fertility
  • Sires medium frame size for added efficiency


  • Offers increased yields of milk, fat & protein
  • Sires medium frame size
  • Well-attached udders

29HO17919 TACTIC

  • Early COMMANDER son
  • Offers improved type, without increasing frame size
  • High component percentages & 4-star bull fertility


  • Early COMMANDER son
  • Offers significant improvement in udders, feet & legs
  • A great Calving Ease option


  • Combines Calving Ease with 5-star bull fertility
  • Well-attached udders
  • High milk yield with improved SCS

29HO17913 BENSON

  • Improves fat & protein yield
  • Reduces frame size
  • Combines lower SCS with 4-star bull fertility

29HO18032 WALLIS

  • Offers increased yields of milk, fat & protein
  • Balanced type profile
  • 5-star bull fertility

29HO17951 COSBY

  • Early MONTEREY son offers elite type
  • Improves component percentages
  • A great Calving Ease option


  • Reliably elite Calving Ease
  • Improves milk yield & component percentages
  • Sires medium frame size for added efficiency


  • One of the highest UDC in the breed at 3.78
  • Huge components & positive DPR
  • Apple family success story


  • Positive production with good components
  • Beautiful, long dairy frames with exceptional feet & legs
  • Outcross for high type, no Doorman, McCutchen or Shottle


  • Balanced genetic profile
  • Outcross pedigree & full registry status
  • Four closest dams scored 90, 93, 90, 94

29JE4008 BALTAZAR {5}

  • Compact, high producing cows
  • Closest three dams scored 93, 90, & 94
  • Three generations of 6+ lactations in large herd


  • Extreme fat & protein percentages
  • Unique BOWMAN x LEGAL cross
  • Balanced traits to fit a wide variety of needs