ABS PRIMETIME GENOMICS - First time in India, Best Holstein Bulls for the Indian Dairy farmers

September 2013 –ABS India is pleased to launch semen from genomic bulls for the first time in India. All these four genomic bulls are a testimony of our commitment towards getting an improved calf for the Indian dairy farmer. These bulls are not only positive for milk production, fat, protein and productive life but are low mastitis transmitters with somatic cell values of less than 3.

While all the genomic bulls have the capability to transmit milk in excess of 11500 kg and fat in excess of 3.5% to their offspring yet each one of them have some unique features which are important to all dairy farmers for reducing culling rates

ABS Pioneer –An all-round champion bull with a capability to improve all the negative traits.

ABS Dollar – Best bull available in India for the improvement of teat and udders

ABS Moneymaker – Best bull available in India for the improvement of feet and legs

For more details on ABS Genomic Bulls – Best in Holstein in India soon.