ABS WISCONSIN – Top Holstein Bull in India

April, 2014

ABS India is pleased to introduce Bull semen from ABS Wisconsin – an ET and Genomically tested bull which is being released to the market this month. ABS WISCONSIN is an outstanding bull with all round qualities with very high genetic merit not seen in India before.

ABS WISCONSIN is now the highest rated Genomic tested Holstein bull on the Indian soil. Most importantly it is outstanding in traits of high importance for the Indian dairy industry viz .Type, Feet & Legs as well as Udder. ABS WISCONSIN is also having the higher Daughter Pregnancy rate (DPR), making it best on fertility with the highest productive life of 3.6 months (108 days of extra milk)


  • High Daughters Avg. Milk, High Fat
  • Best bull in fertility on Indian soil –High Daughter Pregnancy Rate of + 4
  • Best bull on Type improvement – +2.18
  • Best bull on udder composite – + 2.00 [Better than the previous best ABS DOLLAR]
  • Best bull on F & L Composite – +2.23
  • Low mastitis transmitter – Low Somatic Cell Score of 2.83
  • High Productive life of 3.6 Months [Extra milk for 108 Days ]