Genus IntelliGen® Technologies Partners with Geno – Leading Norwegian Genetics Breeder

Genus IntelliGen® Technologies, a unit of Genus plc, a global pioneer in animal genetics, announces a technology transfer and license agreement of its proprietary sexed genetics technology to Geno, the leading Norwegian bovine genetics producer. Geno will produce sexed Norwegian Red genetics in Norway using Genus’ innovative genetics sexing technology. Geno has had an exclusive partnership with ABS Global (Genus’ bovine genetics division) for several years to market Norwegian Red genetics, the main dairy breed in Norway, across key global markets.

“Geno is a key partner in the industry and we have been working with them for a number of years,” said Jesús Martínez, IntelliGen Technologies Global Director. “They are well aligned with our business and we’re very excited to help make our novel proprietary technology available to them and their customers in Norway and across the world.”

The IntelliGen Technologies process to develop sexed bovine genetics does not subject cells to the high pressures, electric currents and shear forces used in other sexed semen processes. The result is a product that helps customers maximize their profitability and reach their end goals in a fast and efficient manner.

“As more farmers look to use sexed genetics in their herds, the demand for such technology will expand moving forward,” said Karim Bitar, Genus plc CEO. “We are excited to continue bringing competition to the market for bovine sexed genetics processing, ultimately benefiting dairy and beef producers around the world.”

Geno is a farmer cooperative conducting research and development for cattle breeding and distributing genetic material to more than 30 countries worldwide. Geno handles all exports of Norwegian Red genetics worldwide in cooperation with local distributors and is based in Hamar, Norway.

“As an organization, we are thrilled at the opportunity to offer this technology platform to our farmer-members,” said Lars Kristian Bredahl, Geno COO International. “Providing a differentiated sexed genetic offering will allow our Norwegian Red producers to grow their genetics as never before.”

The Norwegian Red breed is known for superior health and fitness traits. Females tend to have less difficulty calving, breed back easily, and are medium-sized, trouble-free cows that work well in commercial dairies.

“Offering sexed genetics using IntelliGen Technologies to our customers is a natural next step for our organization,” said Sverre Bjornstad, Geno CEO. “We’re excited to work with our long-time partners on this project that will, in turn, help our cooperative grow and thrive.”

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