International Women's Day Celebration at Brahma, Sangali MH

Women’s Day at Brahma

We at Brahma celebrated Women’s Day in one-of-a-kind approach where-in we instated a whole shift run by female employees during this week from March 08 to 11, 2023. The shift was lead by Ms. Rachna Patil, Mrs. Pooja Manugade and their colleagues included Ms. Gouri Sawant, Ms. Mayuri Gaikwad, Ms. Reshma Vishwakarma, and Ms. Vedika Kulkarni (Ms. Snehal Nirmale, could not make it due to ill health).

The key wins during this while shift were:

  • Fastest 8 table start-up with 8 table configuration.

Usually in a 8 Table start-up it takes around 2 Hours 15 Minutes, for completing the daily round up task and Collect the 1st tube of the week. It was the effort and dedication of the team this was achieved in 2 hours 5 minutes, thus becoming the fastest so far.

  • Collected 685 tubes with a few notorious stations.

Over the week, despite all other challenges such as Table check listing and frequent maintenance from Engineering team, they managed to secure 685 catch tubes which yielded an output of 2468 straws, thus averaging to T/S ratio of 3.6.

  • Least downtime incurred across all three shifts.

Any stations or instruments that functions would need maintenance and cause downtime owing to numerous reasons, but with proper management and planning this can be minimized. During the week, across all the teams our all women team has proven again that they are excellent multitasker by simultaneously planning and carrying out the production. 

  • Efficient Management and communication.

The key thing for any team to succeed is communication, whether it is within the team or with other function. This team managed their internal work distribution along with well time bull collection demand.

  • Excellent trouble shooting and team management

Trouble shooting requires skill set and calling the experts for the right things. Our team led by Rachana and Pooja have gained sufficient expertise to sort any basal challenges that may affect product quality. The call for engineering experts for the right issues at the right time is another factor which has led to successful running of the shift for the entire week.

Celebration at Brahma :-

After start-up on 8th March 2023, symbolic pink ribbon were worn on Apron in respect of all women staff. After the shift completion a small gathering was organised which was chaired by our Leadership team – Dr. Dinesh Rawat (GM India), Dr. Rahul Gupta (Head of Operations India) and Mrs. Shilpa Jadhav (Head of HR, India) to address and motivate all female staff and other team members at Brahma. All attendees shared their respective experiences pertaining to the shift and how the women power contributed to the organisation. We all honoured the women’s day at Brahma with the cake cutting ceremony. Furthermore, this was followed by some team building activities which were organised by Women colleagues for all the team and finally production was resumed as per plan. A Big THANKS to Tushar Sharma, Lab Manager and Lovedeep Nim, Deployment Lead for leading and managing the entire event. 

Conclusion :-

Women of today live in a better world than women of the past. However, there are still issues that require attention. Despite all the efforts, the average woman still works twice as much as the average guy to show her potential.  In past they have endured horrific atrocities and intimidation to fulfil their dreams. But now women hold the highest positions in every industry and take on the most extraordinary responsibilities that history has ever seen. Undoubtedly, she is more capable and efficient than her male counterpart in managing their homes as well leading in the work front.