Genus Breeding India (ABS India) is part of Genus PLC – the world’s leading provider of bovine genetics and reproduction services, marketing in nearly 80 countries around the globe. Genus Breeding India Pvt Ltd. is a fully owned subsidiary of Genus PLC (listed on the UK stock exchange) and was established in early 2010-11. Through Genus extensive research and development programmer, its cutting edge technology is being used to maximize the potential of dairy farms throughout the world.

Genus Breeding India (ABS India) is part of ABS Global, a division of Genus plc. Worldwide Genus PLC is the owner of ABS and PIC, the two largest companies in bovine and porcine genetics respectively. Genus PLC owns Promar International, the leading livestock consulting company in the world.

ABS is the first Bovine Genetics Company of its kind, founded in 1947 and has offices in 30 countries and five continents with its research laboratory in Madison, USA.

Genus Breeding India (ABS India) has also entered into a Production JV with Chitale Dairy situated in Maharashtra for production of semen from the selected elite bulls in India through Chitale Genus ABS (India) Pvt Ltd. ABS India adopts its international standard for selection of bulls for semen production with regards to genetics and health standards. ABS India has also started producing and marketing semen produced out of the live bulls imported from U.S.A for the first time in the country. ABS India has a robust ET programme for semen production from bulls born through embryos imported from North America and genomically testing them.

ABS India, having introduced genomic selection and semen from genomically tested bulls in 2013, continues to be the only dairy genetic company in India to produce and male semen available for farmers with complete data and production traits.

ABS India has top Holstein / Jersey / Murrah / Crossbreed bulls in the country that are the highest in genetic merit along with Indigenous breeds like Gir, Sahiwal and Red Sindhi.

ABS India also offers world’s best dairy genetics through imported Holstein & Imported Jersey from ABS USA facility and imported GIR from ABS Brazil.