The Holstein is the most popular breed in the world and is noted for its outstanding milk production. Alongside a fantastic will to milk, Holsteins fulfil many niches whether it is health trait improvement in areas such as cell count, fertility, lifespan and calving ease. At Genus ABS we promote long life cows which have outstanding daughter fertility and cell count improvement. We have different categories of sires which deliver profitable answers for you.

Holstein breed is one of the most diverse breed extensively bred and reared under tropical conditions.
All Holstein sires from ABS India come with great reliability. Care has been taken to select all bulls from breeding farms having computerised milking machine .This ensures reliable and complete data on milk production as well as fat percentage.

All Holstein bulls at the ABS stud have been sired by imported progeny tested sires .This further augments their reliability on account of transmissibility of economic traits into the offspring.

ABS sires have been categorised into different categories namely – GENOMICS, PREGNANCY KING CONCEPTION (PKC), ELITE, PLATINUM & GOLD according to the pedigree thus offering you to chose the best for your needs.
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