ABS India free LN2 Container Scheme

ABS India Free Liquid Nitrogen Container scheme for Indian dairy farmers has five key objectives: enhancing cryogenic infrastructure, improving livestock genetics, encouraging sustainable breeding practices, empowering small and marginal farmers, and promoting the growth of the dairy industry. By achieving these objectives, the scheme aims to revolutionize the dairy sector and bring about positive changes in the lives of dairy farmers across the country.

Dairy Farmer who is willing to use ABS Genetics and want to maintain own semen stock for breeding are eligible for this scheme and Dairy farmer who is willing to invest in semen are eligible for this scheme. Any AI Technician who is regularly buying substantial quantity of Semen and willing to buy minimum order quantity from ABS.

Kindly fill below Enrollment form to participate in this Scheme. ABS India Sales Manager will contact you and explain about scheme.

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Eligibility: Farmers must accept the “Terms and Conditions” stated in the ‘Enrolment Form’ to be eligible for this scheme.

Enrolment: Filling out the enrolment form does not guarantee that the customer will receive the benefits of the scheme. ABS India reserves the right to accept or reject any enrolment form/application.

Container Scheme Orders: Distributors must place Container Scheme orders separately from their regular orders through their respective Sales Manager.

Supply of LN2 (liquid nitrogen): ABS India will not be responsible for the supply of LN2, after the semen has been sold to customers. Customers must ensure the availability of LN2 before participating in this scheme.

LN2 Container Replacement: Once the customer confirms the delivery of the LN2 container in good condition, ABS India will not replace the LN2 containers.

LN2 Container Ownership and Upkeep: Upon selling, the LN2 container becomes the property of the Dairy Farmer, and they will be responsible for its upkeep. ABS India will not be responsible for LN2 top-ups and maintenance.

Container Size : Different types of LN2 containers are used for storage & transportation of Semen Straws. ABS India will reserve right to decide the appropriate size of container to be delivered, based on customer wise quantity ordered.

Warranty: Customers are eligible for the warranty of LN2 containers as provided by the manufacturer. ABS India will not provide any additional guarantee beyond the manufacturer’s terms.

Modification and Revocation: ABS reserves the right to modify, amend, or revoke this scheme at its discretion.

Scheme Validity: This scheme is valid until stock exists.

By participating in this scheme, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Sales/Customer support team.