Long-standing Commitment to Provide Elite Jersey Dairy Genetics

PUNE, INDIA. (April 21, 2016)— ABS® India, the world’s leading provider of genetic improvement solutions and reproduction services, today announces the launch of semen from genomic Jersey bulls in India. ABS PREET & ABS TYSON. both are genomic bulls with genomic proof from the USA. These two genomic bulls surpass the earlier Jersey No.1 bull in India ABS Laser. Now ABS PREET becomes the No.1 Jersey bulls in India. These bulls are not only positive for milk production, fat, protein and productive life but are low mastitis transmitters with somatic cell values of less than 3.

ABS Preet has the capability to transmit milk in excess of 8499 kg and fat in excess of 4.63 % to their offspring while ABS Tyson daughter’s average predicted milk yield is 8378 Kg and Fat 4.70%. Both these bulls pedigree are from imported semen Sire (REBEL) and Maternal Grand Sire (AMITY). This offers a unique solution to farmers interested in breeding Jersey cows with elite genetics.

Genomic Proof Breed Genomic JPI Bull Name Daughters Average Milk Yield (Kg) Fat% Fat (Kg) Protein (%) Protein (Kg) DPR SCS PLI Pedigree
USA Jersey 41 PREET 8499 4.63 393.5 3.65 310 25.3 2.9 31 Rebel x Amity
USA Jersey 40 TYSON 8378 4.70 393.8 3.65 306 27.9 2.8 32 Rebel x Amity

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