Brahma Genetics Facility is the first and only bovine semen sexing lab in India. ABS India, in 2017, deployed Genus IntelliGenTM technology at Brahma, near Pune in Maharashtra.

With IntelliGenTM, ABS India is producing and providing sexed semen for Holstein, Jersey, Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi, Crossbreeds and Murrah and Mehsana buffaloes for the first time in India under the brand SEXCELTM. ABS India offers 21st century technology which leads to more good quality heifers, higher profits and, therefore, a better and improved way of life for Indian dairy farmers.

ABS’s cutting edge Sexed semen technology (Genus IntelliGenTM) process to develop sexed bovine genetics does not subject cells to high pressures, electric currents and high shear forces. The result is a product that helps customers maximise their profitability and reach end goals in a fast and efficient manner.

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